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4 Effective Ways Your Brand Can Use Pinterest

by Mo Moumenine

Pinterest is pretty much the newest sizzler in the social networking industry. We cannot deny that the said virtual pinboard happens to provide a fresher way to experience and share photos to many users online. But can this social media “underdog” be able to help people with their businesses/brands?
Well, most probably, yes it can definitely help brands. And there are so many ways it can do so. In fact, many brand owners are already incorporating Pinterest in their brand building strategy.
So, the big question is… how can brands use Pinterest?

Create a Brand Pinboard
Pinterest is a massive website of photos and pinboard collection of various subject matters from its 12 million unique users. This makes the website a great “environment” for brands, businesses and even entrepreneurs.
The first thing to do is to create a pinboard to specifically house a brand’s photos of its products, services, information and other essential information. Visuals such as photos and videos are fast mediums for branding and brand awareness especially in Pinterest because pinboards are easily shared, viewed, commented on and published in many platforms such as blogs and social networks.

Curate Visual Content
A brand can easily build up authority in a certain niche or filed of interest by curating content. Content curation focuses on the distribution or sharing of quality content to groups of people sharing a common interest. In Pinterest, a brand can “pin” others’ content to improve its image and reputation on that certain field. Of course, credit should still be awarded to the original source.
This works in content distribution on blogs and websites and it is not far from being effective inside Pinterest.

Crowdsource for Ideas
Crowdsourcing is a very efficient way of getting the best ideas for a project. It allows people to know what appeals the most in a particular group of people. Pinterest allows this massive technique to improve one’s brand.
A brand can hold contests among its Pinterest followers. Contests are great tools to improve audience awareness and engagement to one’s brand or business. For instance, a brand selling custom-made shirts, jeans and shoes can ask its followers to create the trendiest combinations of the brand’s products. The winner will then receive his/her winning fashion combo as the prize. Well, it all falls into the brand’s jurisdiction of what the prizes are.

Build Communities Through Pinboards
Social media is all about interaction and communication. Pinterest allows users to manipulate their pinboards and tag them to the people of their choice. This way, a brand can address audiences relevant to what it offers and its field of interest through the use of comments and discussions.
This can also serve as a medium for better customer relations. A brand can easily post and tag pins on their pinboards where followers can view the latest news, products, services and offers and many more.
There are so many ways in which Pinterest can be of use for brands. In fact, Pinterest can already be badged in anyone’s website for faster following or pinning. This makes many people anxious about using Pinterest to market their brands.

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