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Ambulance called for George Zimmerman cancelled, dispatch recordings say

ByCrimesider Staff

SANFORD, Fla. – Newly released fire rescue dispatch recordings from the night 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed reveal that a second ambulance – presumably to tend to George Zimmerman – was canceled before it arrived at the scene of the shooting.

Photos: Trayvon Martin

A Trayvon Martin family spokesperson says the information in those recordings is just another reason why Zimmerman should be arrested, reports CBS affiliateWKMG.

In the recordings, which were first obtained by the New York Daily News and then shared by the newspaper with the station, rescue workers are heard talking about Zimmerman, just minutes after his family said Martin repeatedly bashed his head into a sidewalk.

“Do they have a second patient?” a person says on the recording. “That’s affirmative, there’s a second patient.”

“You can cancel the second rescue” the rescue worker says,” adding that the second patient, Zimmerman, didn’t have a gunshot wound.

A spokesman for the lawyers working for the Martin family said that if Zimmerman really had his head repeatedly smashed into the sidewalk during a life and death struggle with Martin, there’s “not a chance” the ambulance would have been cancelled.

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