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Behind The Music: Aaliyah

On the sad occasion of the R&B singer’s passing, VH1 News has put together an overview of Aaliyah’s impressive career.

At the age of 22 Aaliyah was on top of the world. With Grammy and Oscar nominations already under her belt, the platinum-selling singer and actress had a bright future – a future cut short by a tragic plane crash in the Bahamas on Saturday, August 25.

It was a time of deep promise for the pop star. Fans had waited almost five years for her new album, Aaliyah, and both critics and consumers were embracing it strongly. The disc found the singer moving away from club beats toward more introspective numbers, and a deeper zest for life was also part of the disc’s appeal. “We Need a Resolution” is a sexy single that was produced by hip-hop mastermind and Aaliyah’s frequent collaborator, Timbaland.

Behind the Music: Aaliyah

As well as ringing up chart hits, Aaliyah had been building a resume as a bankable actress with films like Romeo Must Die. She plays the title role in the forthcoming film adaptation of Anne Rice’s novel “Queen of the Damned,” due in 2002. And she had been cast for a role in the two Matrix sequels. A couple of months ago, Aaliyah told about the latest turns of her music and film careers. We offer the interview here.

To learn the latest about the singer, click through the Aaliyah material offered, flip through the photo gallery, and be sure to tune in to our VH1 News Special: Aaliyah. We’ll be talking to the singer’s grieving friends and family, and looking into the meteoric rise and tragic end of a remarkable pop life.

“I don’t think about my success. I’m happy that the work I’ve done in the past has been very successful. All I can do is leave it in God’s hands and hope my fans feel where I’m coming from. I took the time to give my all.”

– Aaliyah

“It is a tragedy when any young artist dies unexpectedly, and I am sure that she and the others on the plane will be missed by all. Just remember that we still have the music that she was able to create in such a short time here…”

Author: butterfly1975

“She had the potential to be up amongst the greatest like Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson. She had the talent and the class to be around for a long time. She was a great role model for all young girls.”

– Author: yess


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