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US Pinterest visits surpass Google+, LinkedIn in March

Pinterest in March was the third most visited social networking site in the US, Experian Marketing Services said.


Pinterest in March beat Google+ and LinkedInto become the third most visited social networking site in the US, a new report showed.

Pinterest, which allows users to “pin” images of recipes, craft, home improvement and other inspirational ideas onto virtual pinboards, is gaining on Twitter and Facebook, the country’s two most popular social networking sites, the latest data from Experian Marketing Services show.


Pinterest traffic rose by nearly 50 percent between January and February of this year, the report said. That’s on the heels of last year’s impressive growth that helped to make Pinterest a household word across much of the US, particularly among women in California, Texas, Missouri, Utah, Alabama, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Even GlobalPost is on Pinterest. So is US President Barack Obama.

More from GlobalPost: GlobalPost’s Pinterest travel guide to Colombia 

Pinterest in March drew more than 104 million visits, VentureBeat reported. That’s a fraction of the more than seven billion visits people made to Facebook but still gaining on the 182 million visits made to Twitter’s site.

“The site has really just rocketed,” Experian spokesman Matt Tatham told CNN.

“It’s just been tremendous since (Pinterest) took off around October and then in the last few months,” Tatham told CNN.

The Experian report, geared toward digital marketers, doesn’t include visits via mobile platforms.

A wider measure from he web analytics company Alexa uses a combination of visitors and pageviews to rank web sites and believes Pinterest is still fourth among US social networking sites, the San Jose Mercury News said.

By Alexa’s measure, LinkedIn is still ahead of Pinterest. Google+, the search engine’s flagship social networking site, still lags, but Experian told VentureBeat Google+ does get more visits than MySpace.

US Pinterest visits surpass Google+, LinkedIn in March


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