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HTC One X coming to AT&T May 6 For $199

By Devin Coldewey

AT&T announced Wednesday that HTC’s One X would be coming May 6 for $199, assuming you’re willing to sign up for a two-year contract. The 4G flagship phone will be the primary Android competitor for the iPhone 4S on the network.


The One series was the belle of the ball at Mobile World Congress in February; the attractive, powerful phones were among the very first to show off the new version of Android, and their enormous, high-res screens, premium camera and audio aren’t so shabby either. But it was left to the imagination what networks they’d be landing on.

A few weeks ago brought the announcement of the Evo 4G LTE on Sprint, which was a heavily modified version of the One X (with a handy kickstand), and T-Mobile is expected to announce their version of the One S, the slightly lesser cousin of this handset. The more inexpensive One V is supposed to arrive on Virgin Mobile later this month, but so far, none of the major networks have picked it up.

AT&T’s version of the One X has slightly tweaked internals: instead of the quad-core Tegra 3 processor in the handset shown at MWC, AT&T’s One X has a dual-core Snapdragon processor. The change was necessary in order to support the carrier’s LTE network, and the change shouldn’t be visible in everyday tasks, though certainly some will be disappointed.

More information about the phone can be found at AT&T’s press release.

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