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Men at Work Band Member Greg Ham Found Dead


Greg Ham, the one-time member of ’80s Australian pop group Men at Work, was found dead at his Melbourne home Thursday, according to reports.

Details surrounding the circumstances of Ham’s death were not released, but police confirm that the 58-year-old’s body was discovered by two friends who checked in on him.

Det. Senior Sergeant Shane O’Connell told reporters that authorities were still investigating the cause of death.

“There are a number of unexplained aspects to it which has caused our attendance here today, and we’re assisting the local detectives to determine what has occurred,” he said.

Ham joined Men at Work in 1979, and the group scored a string of early ’80s hits including “Who Can It Be Now” and “Down Under.” Ham played flute, saxophone and keyboards for the band, and his distinctive flute melodies could be heard on their biggest hits.

The group became embroiled in a copyright lawsuit after they were accused of stealing a riff for “Down Under” from a famous local nursery rhyme, “Kookaburra.” They lost their final court battle last October.

Ham left the band in 1985 and worked as a music teacher afterward. He is survived by two children.

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