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Nicki Minaj Starships Video Unveiled And Labeled ‘Saucy’

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Nicki Minaj Starships Video Unveiled And Labeled ‘Saucy’

It’s been a while since Nicki Minaj first showcased her ‘Starships’ track but the official video for the track aired on Mtv last. It’s a characteristically ludicrous affair, which begins with a spaceship making its way to an island, where it drops off its extra-terrestrial passenger: the aforementioned Nicki Minaj. With a green-blonde wig and a neon pink bikini, Nicki writhes around on the beach awhile. As the video progresses, she gradually amasses a hoard of followers until the technicolour flesh exhibition culminates in a frantic club scene.

Complete with psychedelic visuals, the video becomes increasingly kaleidoscopic as it progresses and it’s been branded as ‘saucy’ by a number of reviewers. Nicki clearly wasn’t put off by the response to her ‘Stupid Hoe’ video (which was banned from the BET network for being too saucy. At one point, she has to hold herself into her skimpy bikini as she jumps up and down with her newfound rave partners. Prior to its release Nicki warned Mtv viewers that it might be too raunchy for the network, but they went ahead and aired it anyway, treating Nicki fans to an attention-deficit parade of semi-nudity, muscle flexing and budget animation.

A review on Stereogum described the video as “a furiously goofy affair. the end result may be more deeply silly than the song’s Vengaboys sample.” It could just be that this particular reviewer is taking the whole thing a little bit more seriously than Nicki herself.

Nicki Minaj Starships Video Unveiled And Labeled ‘Saucy’


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