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Cannes 2012: I text director photos of myself in provocative poses, says Paperboy star Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has revealed how she transformed herself into what one critic described as a “hot, over-sexed Barbie” for her latest roles in Cannes competition entry The Paperboy.

In the adaptation of a Pete Dexter novel, the Australian Oscar winner plays trailer-trash bombshell Charlotte Bless, who is obsessed with a man on death row with whom she exchanges letters.

She is drawn into a newspaper investigation into the prisoner, who may have been wrongfully convicted, triggering a frantic series of sexual encounters, humourous exchanges as well as violence and death in the Florida swamps.

Directed by “Precious” film maker Lee Daniels, “The Paperboy” also stars Matthew McConaughey as tenacious but conflicted reporter Ward, Efron as his younger brother Jack, singer Macy Gray as housemaid Anita and John Cusack as the imprisoned Hillary.

Kidman, in a figure-hugging vermilion dress for herCannes photo call, was asked at a press conference whether she found shooting the scenes embarrassing.

“I think directors bring out different things in their actors and this is what Lee brought out of me and so it didn’t feel uncomfortable at the time,” she said.


“I have not seen the movie, so I may be uncomfortable watching the movie, but that’s my job. It’s my job to give over to something, not to censor it, not to put my own judgments in terms of how I feel as Nicole playing the character, I’m there to portray a truth.”

Kidman, 44, said she found some of her most rewarding roles in lower-budget, independently-produced movies, even if the Hollywood star had to do her own hair and makeup for the part of Charlotte, due to budgetary constraints.

“Lee just said to me, ‘Look we have no money, you’re going to have to do your own hair and make-up’. And I was like, ‘OK Lee’ …”

“So I actually went into my bathroom and … This is so true! And I got out the fake tan and I put on lashes that were old and I … got out a hair piece thing and it was platinum and I sort of threw it all on, I took a photo and I texted it to Lee, kind of all different provocative positions.”

“And that was how it started to come together, because what he sent back, which I cannot say, but it was like ‘thumbs up’,” she said.

Cannes 2012: I text director photos of myself in provocative poses, says Paperboy star Nicole Kidman

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