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Summer Jobs 2012


Do you need to find a summer job?  You’re in luck because there is good news to report.  The summer job market for 2012 is going to be one of the best ones in quite a while.

Bill Berg, President and Founder of, the top site for seasonal jobs, says “What we’re seeing at Cool Works is that there are more opportunities for job seekers to grab some jobs in great places this summer.”

Bill also says “It’s been an employer’s market for a few years but with the increased summer job postings to our site over the last two months, it’s feeling more and more like a job seeker’s market for the 2012 summer season.  And for those who have a strong guest service background with mid-level management experience, seasonal jobs can turn into year-round positions.”

Before you start looking for a job consider what you might want to do this summer.  Here’s a list of the types of summer jobs employers hire for.  Then start your job search. has a list of companies hiring now for summer jobs. If you’re flexible, the list is a great starting point for finding a fun summer position.

Also, there are a variety of other sites that list summer job openings. Search the job banks that focus on summer jobs and summer camp jobs.

There’s more to finding a summer a job than just finding job listings.  Our Summer Job Search Guidecontains lots of information on where to look for summer jobs and summer camp jobs, summer camp resumes and cover letters, the best ways to apply for a summer job, and sample summer job interview questions, tips and advice.

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One thought on “Summer Jobs 2012

  1. Divine on said:

    Motor Club of America is always hiring. Been in business since 1926 and backed by the Better Business Bureau. We are looking for independent contractor to work from their home office. You will be a 1099 contractor so you are responsible for your own taxes. But the benefit you will have a lot of write-offs at the end of the year. Free to join, but if you want to use the benefits of MCA, it will be a fee of 19.95. Here is my website, email me with any of your questions.

    Have a beautiful day and I look forward in speaking with you soon!!!

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