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Willow Smith to Play the Next ‘Annie’

willow smith

*Willow Smith is budding as a young star.

The progeny of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith is expanding her horizon and will star in a modern day version “Annie.”

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Will Smith, who is slated to produce the Sony Pictures project, also confirmed to Good Morning America that his “Men In Black 3” co-star, Oscar winner Emma Thompson, wrote the script for the contemporary “Annie” film.

A black Annie?

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Yes. The story will be set in modern-day New York and will feature music totally headed by Hip Hop mogul, Jay Z. This project is right up the rapper’s alley, being that he remastered the old “Annie” classic in “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem).”

Last year Willow told People magazine that she wanted Brad Pitt to be her adoptive father, “Daddy Warbucks.”

Filming will begin in 2013.

Willow Smith to Play the Next ‘Annie’


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