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It’s Showtiiiiime At The Apollo…..With Justin Bieber

By Bossip Staff

Justin Bieber Performs At The Apollo Theater

Looks like somebody is really putting in some overtime to earn his hood pass. We aint mad at it.

Justin Bieber had an unplugged performance at the Apollo Theater on Monday, but it wasn’t intentional – a problem caused a power outage during the singing sensation’s big concert.

The singer was nearing the end of a private show in front of a packed house when the power for most of the stage instruments suddenly went out, said his manager, Scooter Braun.
But Bieber still managed to finish his show, with the help of fans singing along with him.

“What it turned into was an Apollo moment, like one of those impromptu things,” said Nina Flowers, the Apollo’s rep.

At first, Bieber took the outage in stride. “He was joking, he said it was all the hot girls in here,” said Flowers.

He then got on the drums, which were working, for a solo, and had the crowd serenade Braun for his birthday. But then Bieber got upset at the disruption of the show, which was being taped as part of an NBC special to air later this week.

However, instead of getting mad, Bieber decided to put his energy into performing for his fans, who stayed in the audience during the delay.

“He walks out, he literally quiets the crowd, and he says, ‘I’m sorry the power is out. . (But) you guys have always had my back. I’m going to sing ‘Boyfriend’ and you’re going to sing it back to me.’”

Way to keep the party going.


It’s Showtiiiiime At The Apollo…..With Justin Bieber

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