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A Look Inside Twitter Headquarters

Mid Market, San Francisco Photo Journal


A Look Inside Twitter Headquarters

Last month we brought you some photos from Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park. Now we have found some of their social network “rival”, Twitter.

This is the fourth separate headquarters they have moved into, and is located in the Mid Market neighborhod of San Francisco. The last on was in the SOMA neighborhood, also in San Francisco and images of that office can seen seen here.

These images are taken by Troy Holden and the rest of the set can be seen here.

The office building certainly has its charms, including a great view of San Francisco from the garden located on the roof, a game room, and multiple lounge and eating areas. Tech companies are in a serious battle to see who can outdo the other in terms of office perks. Twitter keeps things comparably low key while still offering some of the same amenities. No Google skate parkor climbing wall here. It appears that they also only have one large cafeteria, so it looks like Facebook wins in that regard, with multiple on campus restaurants and outdoor snack bars. But truly, is all that really necessary?

A Look Inside Twitter Headquarters

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