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Men Interested in Being AKA’s File Discrimination Lawsuit?

Men Interested in Alpha Kappa Alpha (MIAKA)

Have you ever heard of MIAKA?  That acronym stands for Men Interested in AKA.  They are homosexual men who want the right to pledge and join the ranks of the sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha.  But apparently, there’s a problem with that idea…they’re men.

No matter how sensitive to women’s issues or in touch with their feminine side, MIAKA does not fit the key qualification that it takes to be a part of the non-profit, community centered, women’s service organization.  The AKAs were established in 1908 on the campus of Howard University and they, in 104 years, have yet to induct a man into their sorority. But now it has been rumored that a lawsuit is pending that charges AKA with discrimination and homophobia because they won’t allow this group of gay men to be members.

I hate to poke holes in their complaint before it officially gets off the ground, but there are plenty of AKAs that are lesbians.  So, if this is all true, they may not want to use the homophobic argument. According to Rolling Out Magazine, there isn’t any real proof that there will be a lawsuit other than a story that popped up on over the weekend.  The details of the suit have not been documented.

But, why do people try to use the Constitution to bully organizations, pageants, proms and other gender-based competitions into allowing the opposite sex a chance to get inside?  Why don’t they establish their own institutions that celebrate the same components they are enamored with in the organizations they would like to join?

It seems strange that MIAKA hasn’t thought of that as reports of their group have been “unofficially” founded on the campuses of Texas Southern University and Prairie View A&M University, according to the Huffington Post.  The Divine 9–as the African American greek organizations are affectionately called that comprise the National Pan-Hellenic Council–would probably show great respect for their organization if they contributed to building the Council in the traditions of community service.  Anyone can serve.  Why can’t they serve as they are?

Star Jones is a well known AKA and she took to Twitter in outrage:

Read the full story here.


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