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Instagram Brings The Likes To Android


Even though Instagram is now part of the Facebook family, it’s still business as usual over at image sharing social network. The developers put out a new version on iOS on Monday, but left Android owners wondering when they were going to get the update. It seems that Instagram is working just as fast on Android with the newest version hitting yesterday.

Instagram for Android has now been updated to version 1.1.4. It features the main new features that are now present in the iOS version. Namely, the ability to share Likes to Facebook and a new Explore tab. The Explore tab is definitely the most interesting addition as it lets search by both users and tags. It should make finding elusive pictures of Sasquatch on Instagram much easier.

Instagram is one of the first apps to implement Facebook’s new mobile Like button. It allows users to Like a picture on a mobile app and it posts the Like to the user’s Facebook Timeline for all to see. You better get used to Facebook invading your mobile apps with Instagram as it will soon be spreading to apps that they don’t own.

Finally, the new version introduces some much needed bug fixes. Previous incarnations of the Android app featured a nasty bug that wouldn’t load comments on a particular photo. Now you can rest assured that every unflattering comment made by the Internet in regards to your duckface shots will be available for all the world to see.

You can grab the newest version from Google Play. If you haven’t hopped onto the Instagram bandwagon yet, it’s worth checking out. Besides, Apple fans need things to complain about and more Android users on Instagram should do the trick.

Instagram Brings The Likes To Android

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