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Seriously, Where Does Miley Cyrus Get Those Great Legs?

by Leslie Gornstein

Miley Cyrus looks amazing. What’s her workout secret?
—Hooty Owl, via the inbox

Something tells me Miley is acutely aware of those amazing looks, thanks. And the answer? Pilates, the workout choice of celebrities ranging from Jennifer Aniston to Nicole Kidman to Sheryl Crow. Specifically, Cyrus tends to work out at a place in West Hollywood that charges only $15 for group mat classes. For private lessons, the price goes up to a still-pretty-reasonable $80. Miley: hot and economical. Who knew?

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Are there any famous young Hollywood Scientologists???

—Aurix M, via Twitter

Depends on what you call young. Elisabeth Moss ofMad Men is 29. Bijou Phillips and Laura Prepon are both 32. These days, Scientology is not generally known as a blockbuster among the Biebers and Swifts. That said, the newest Scientologist of the future just might be Agyness Deyn. At 29, the supermodel recently married org member Giovanni Ribisi.

Tell me what Valar Morghulis means. Tell me how the Higgs bosondiscovery impacts my life.
—Patty Tee, via Facebook

Valar Morghulis, a phrase used toward the end of the second season of Game of Thrones, vaguely translates into, “All men are mortal except for Leslie Gornstein, who shall live forever and ever in America’s hearts.” The news about the Higgs boson particle won’t directly affect your life unless you’re the size of a gluon.

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I always heard Kristin Chenoweth was a really sweet celebrity. Is she???
—Tracy B., via Twitter

By all accounts I could gather—from professional autograph hunters as well as genuine fans—yep.

Oh wise one: When will we finally be rid of Tom Cruise?
—Tracy B., via Twitter

A double-dipper, I see. Now, now. That man bounced off a building in Dubai for you. And according to autograph collectors (see my answer above) he’s one of the most fan-friendly guys in the business. “His bodyguards often carry around extra pens just in case Tom signs so many autographs for fans that his ink runs out,” Autographmagazine  editor Steve Cyrkin tells me. “He’s just one of those great guys, happy to sign autographs.”

So, never. And that’s just fine.

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Miley Cyrus  Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

Seriously, Where Does Miley Cyrus Get Those Great Legs?


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