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Justin Bieber Comes From A Long Line Of Other Hot Dudes In White Shirts On The Cover Of ‘Rolling Stone’


We’ve never seen a hot dude we didn’t like wearing a white shirt on the cover of “Rolling Stone.”

Justin Bieber graces the August cover of “Rolling Stone” for the second time, and he looks pretty spicy, if we do say so ourselves. But as he leans ever-so-casually against that wall, muscles ripping through that white tanktop, we can’t help but think two things: 1.) We’d really like to be reincarnated as that chain necklace when we die, and 2.) We’re feeling some definite deja vu. It’s all so FAMILIAR: the hot dude in a white shirt has become “Rolling Stone”‘s leitmotif. We have to give credit where it’s DUE: it works.

Here’s a chronological list of some of our favorite famous hot guys in white shirts on the cover of “Rolling Stone.” Just-in case (GET IT?) you don’t believe us.

Justin TimberlakeAugust 2001 “Rolling Stone” coverHere, we have a vintage shot of a Caesar-cut Justin Timberlake, taking a break from his days donning matching denim with Britney to slip into a white tank and smile for “Rolling Stone.” Here, he’s shorn his signature curls and boasts Just-in-ough (GET IT? JUST ENOUGH?) facial hair. Check out his.

UsherMay 2004 “Rolling Stone” coverPerhaps Bieber’s tanktop moment is an homage to his mentor Usher, referencing Ush’s white top and ripped muscles. We love that Usher’s giving us a boxers cameo, as well. Hot.

Justin TimberlakeRolling Stone” September 2006 coverJustin Timberlake, we HAVE GOT to stop MEETING like this. I’ve professed my devotion to you (see: here). And yet, this shot of you hosting a wet t-shirt contest for one makes me want to invite you to a very private foam party of TWO.

Zac Efron“Rolling Stone” August 2007 cover: A chiseled Zac Efron not-so-accidentally showed off his best asset on the August 21, 2007 issue of the magazine. Also, he was wearing a white t-shirt. Barely, though.

Jonas Brothers“Rolling Stone” July 2008 coverJoe Jonas kills us softly with a white V-neck that showcases an impressive pectoral preview, while Nick wears a sexy crisp white shirt. We can’t see what Kevin’s wearing under that leather jacket, but we can guess.

Jonas Brothers“Rolling Stone” July 2009 coverI KNOW! You couldn’t handle the suspense of what color shirt Kevin wore, so Rolling Stone made sure to ADDRESS that the very next year by cloaking all three Jonai in soft white tees and killer coifs, with Kevin and Nick in brown leather jackets with a smoldering Joe in the center. They’re giving us a little “Grease” throwback, and I like it. Better shape up, cause we need a man and our hearts are set on JONAS BROTHERS. Well, the two still on the market, anyway.

+ Justin Bieber, “Rolling Stone” March 2011 cover: Like I said, this isn’t Justin Bieber’s first “Rolling Stone” rodeo. A slightly slighter Justin jauntily rocked a leather coat that fell of one shoulder just so on the March 2011 cover.

Justin Bieber Comes From A Long Line Of Other Hot Dudes In White Shirts On The Cover Of ‘Rolling Stone’

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