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Watch Joan Rivers Handcuff Herself to a Shopping Cart in Costco Protest

Joan Rivers, Costco, Twit Pic

by Alyssa Toomey

Joan Rivers may or may not still behandcuffed to that now infamous shopping cart, but there’s no question the funnylady’s made her message to Costco loud and clear.

Yesterday, Rivers chained herself to a Costco shopping cart in protest of the company’s alleged ban of her book I Hate Everything…Starting With Me and E! News has obtained exclusive video of the warehouse-store snafu.

First, the Fashion Police host is seen outside in the Costco food court area with a slew of books and a few members of her entourage in tow.

More on River’s Costco protest!

“My book has been banned by Costco and it’s on the national New York Times bestseller list six weeks in a row,” Rivers shouts into her megaphone.

Rivers also takes time to sign books and pose for pictures with her fans and even explains to a Costco employment that it’s all about her constitutional rights:

“I’m not blaming you Bobby, you work for a living,” Joan reassures an employee. “But they have no right; the First Amendment says I can sell my book.”

Joan Rivers talks all about the protest on Live From E!

Rivers then enters the main building (without flashing her Costco card!) as her assistants shout “banned by Costco” and “First Amendment” in the background.

And if that’s not enough? Joan approaches an unknowing (and possibly terrified) family and shouts, “You’re going to be famous” as she handcuffs herself to the shopping cart.

Eventually, police come to put an end to the protest, but of course, Rivers has the final word:

Joan Rivers gets a lap dance from Jennie Garth?!

“I am not retreating…First Amendment rights, today we made history…in Costco!”

Costco today…Victoria’s Secret tomorrow!

Get it, girl.

Joan Rivers uncut!

Watch Joan Rivers Handcuff Herself to a Shopping Cart in Costco Protest


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