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The Top 30 Education Apps From 2007 To Today

The following is an excerpt from the August issue of the Edudemic Magazine for iPad. The full article lists off the top 50 apps (rather than just the 30 here). The app is free and issues are just a couple bucks. Cheaper than a cup of coffee but a lot more informative!

When I graduated from high school, my class advisor gave a commencement speech. In it, she shared words that I often think of, and I find that they ring true in many aspects of life.

“The days go so slowly, but the years just fly by!”

It’s true, isn’t it? Maybe you’re not a morning person and you dread that early morning wake up call each weekday, just plugging through so you can get to your ten a.m. (eleven? noon? Bueller?) wake up call on Saturday morning. And boom – you’ve done it- your week is gone and the weekend arrived, but suddenly…some YEARS have passed. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m still twenty-five.

But I digress. Technology, too, can sometimes seem to move slowly. We feel like we want faster downloads, more cloud storage, apps that do more, better hardware at lower prices – we’re all chomping at the bit for the newest, best stuff. Your nearly year old iMac might as well be new. But three years later, or worse, five (!!) , that old thing might as well be a dinosaur. When new things are released, we seem to breeze from one piece of technology to another, leaving the older stuff in the dust.

Since most of you are all wrapped up with the back-to-school season and all its accoutrements, we thought it would be fun to take a quick trip down memory lane. Looking at what was big a few years ago, you can really see how Education 2.0 and Back-To-School have changed over the years, and we’ll let you in on what’s new for 2012.

Quick side note: many of the apps from earlier years are no longer available or have evolved into a different app with a different name.


  • Sketchcast
  • Footnote
  • Voice Thread
  • Google Earth


  • Book Glutton
  • Posterous
  • Flowgram
  • Evernote (app)


  • Wallwisher
  • Proprofs
  • Blerp
  • Google Voice
  • PodOmatic


  • Sitehoover
  • Meeting Words
  • Flisti
  • Fotobabble
  • Google Timeline


  • Educaplay
  • Tildee
  • Webdoc
  • Caffien


  • Evernote
  • Paper
  • GoodReader
  • Bamboo Paper
  • iA Writer

To check out the top 50 apps from 2007 to today, download the August issue of the Edudemic Magazineand continue your walk down memory lane. Enjoy and thanks!

 The Top 30 Education Apps From 2007 To Today


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