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Chuck Norris: ’1,000 Years of Darkness’ if Obama Re-Elected


*By the looks of things, it appears the republicans are running scared … literally

First,  we witness Clint Eastwood, rambling piteously, while making a chair’s day at the RNC; then Texas Judge Tom Head threatens the return of a civil war; and now 68-year-old Texas Ranger Chuck Norris, along with his 40-year-old-wife, Gena O’Kelley, are tag-teaming on a public service announcement that “warns” voters about the eminent dangers that abound if Barack Obama gets re-elected.


On Norris’s planet, four more years of the Obama administration will result in pure and utter chaos.

“Our great country and freedom are under attack,” Norris announced. “We’re at a tipping point, and quite possibly, our country as we know it may be lost forever, if we don’t change the course our country’s in.”

Then O’Kelley jumps in, showcasing that she and her better half came up with an answer to how they can help America. Calling on the 30 million Evangelical Christians who didn’t vote in the 2008 election, thus causing Obama to win, the couple desperately announced a call to action to stop the “socialism, or something much worse” that is sure to occur. Throwing in a couple of Ronald Regan quotes for good measure, Norris said, “Our great president, Ronald Regan said, ‘Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.’”

With his silent but obvious approval, O’Kelley went on to state that if  America doesn’t rise up and vote Obama out of office, our children face “1,000 years of darkness.”

…and all of this with a straight face. See for yourself:

Chuck Norris: ’1,000 Years of Darkness’ if Obama Re-Elected


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