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Bing Launches Bing News App For Facebook


Bing Launches Bing News App For Facebook

Bing announced the launch of a new Facebook app called My Bing News. The app lets you browse top stories and subscribe to categories you’re interested in.

You can select from selected topics (Entertainment, Business, Health, Politics, Sports, etc.) or create your own. The app will pull what it deems the most important stories based on your interests from sources across the web to your personal page on Facebook.

This could be a new way for Bing to capture some users who are already using Facebook, even if they don’t always go to Bing for their everyday search needs.

“Integration with Facebook makes it easy to check the news while you’re checking in on your friends, and easy to share what you find with others,” says Nathan Penner, Senior Program Manager on the Bing News team. “You’re in control over what and how you share. You can share and comment on an individual article, or, if you choose, enable sharing as you subscribe to topics and read stories. It’s up to you.”

Your friends can easily read what you share without having to install the app.

Bing Launches Bing News App For Facebook


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