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Looxcie HD brings 1080p and WiFi streaming to a helmet near you


Looxcie HD brings 1080p and WiFi video to an earlobe near you

Looxcie isn’t just a luxurious sounding word (and terrible pun), it’s also a maker of life-sharing head-mounted cameras. Up until now, it would only let you capture your life in a rather pedestrian 480p, but the new Looxcie HD does away with that, letting you grab that bike ride in full glorious high-definition. Other additions include WiFi (previous iterations relied on Bluetooth) to hook up to your Android or iOS device with, a larger 1,200 mAh battery and improved low light performance. Owners of previous models might spot that with new features comes a new, larger form. The price of evolution it seems. The price for the device, on the other hand, is $279, or $329 if you opt for the “Explore” bundle, which incidentally you can pre-order now. Peep at the source for more.

The Looxcie HD will be available for pre-order on September 21 from or from The MSRP will range from $279.99 to $349.99, depending upon configuration.

Additional Product Features & Specs:
– Full HD recording up to 1080p
– Direct-to-Facebook live streaming
– 480p mobile streaming for sharing a live feed anytime, anywhere
– Simultaneous streaming & recording
– Sleek, hands-free design with a wide range of mounting options
– New mobile app for viewfinder and controls
– Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
– Weather-resistant enclosure for use in virtually any climate
– Low-light sensor for use in dim lighting
– Unique Instant Clip button for creating “instant replays” of what just happened
– Protective lens filter
– Rechargeable and replaceable battery
– Expandable microSD video storage
– Weighs approximately 3 ounces
– Battery life of up to 2 hours (when recording HD)

Looxcie HD brings 1080p and WiFi streaming to a helmet near you

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