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The Best Graphics Ever

I am sure many of you have seen the stick figures all over the net, some on TV and I note one building in Whangarei has them on their signage.

Okay, okay… I know you want to know where to get them from… Then you need to go to Presenter Media  and you will get The Best Graphics Ever, well that’s my opinion.

You can get Power Point Templates, Animated Graphics and just the standard pictures as well.

The other place I mentioned in the video is Morgue File. This place has amazing pictures. Wow they will blow you away and unlike Presenter Media most of the Morgue File pictures will cost you nothing. I also mentioned on the video to be careful with the sizes. If you use a picture on your website and it seems to take a while to load then you would be best to change the file size.

If the graphics are not animated for you, then maybe change browser and take a look they are really excellent, high quality and with Christmas coming up I see they have many different options there as well.

The Best Graphics Ever

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