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9 Great Gifts That’ll Make Your Cat Hate You Less

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Caption: Imagine a Birchbox of treats for you cat, and you’ve got PurrPack. The monthly goodie box comes with gifts for you and your pet: toys, treats, and owner accessories can all show up on your front porch. $30 a month. purrpacks

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Caption: The GoCat Cat Dreams DVD ($13.50) is basically porno for cats: action shots of birds, mice, butterflies, and other enticing wildlife is shot from the cat’s point of view. A perfect gift for any cat-lover, but you also might need to buy them a DVD player because who has one of those? GoCat

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Caption: This is definitely a gift for the cat owner and not so much the cat. This inflatable horn ($6) turns a cat into a unicorn. Neosporin and Band-Aids sold separately. Archie McPhee

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Caption: The life of a cat is very stressful. There’s sleeping, eating, napping, window-sill sitting, lap-kneading, the list goes on. This wellness center ($25) is like a spa day for your kitty—massages, catnip, self-grooming brushes—the works. Catit

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Caption: Cats are strange creatures whose daily lives are a mystery to most of their owners. The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker ($60) will unveil where exactly it is your cat goes all day. Which, maybe, is really boring? Yep, looks like she slept under the car for nine hours straight. The device also doubles as a means to find your pet should they go missing. Tagg

Caption: Frolicat’s laser toy ($18) plays with your cat so you don’t have to. If the exhaustion of holding a laser pointer has you beat (that elbow angle though), this device will save you. Honestly, it’s probably more fun for your cat to have this machine as its playtime companion. The robot brain inside is smart enough to know not to hold the dot too high on the wall for three minutes straight. Frolicat


Caption: The Shru ($79) is simultaneously smart and ridiculous—kind of like cats. The “intelligent cat companion” is a smart toy that acts like another animal, in case yours is a solo kitty without an playmates. The toy keeps your cat company and plays with it, responding to its particular movements and sounds. Shru

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Caption: If you have the time to order something from Japan, then Nyan Nyan Nouveau ($3.50) will probably make the cat lover in your life extremely happy. Or maybe a little depressed, who can say for sure? It’s a red wine for cats, so purr parents and their pets can drink together. Life just became a little less lonely (I think). Bitokenko

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Caption: Old Gibby hates to fly—and really, what cat doesn’t? Give him a cabin upgrade with Sleepypod’s Air pet carrier ($160). It meets the carry-on requirements of all the major airlines, so it fits under the seat in front of you. When the plane hits 10,000 feet, the front unzips so the furry boy can stretch out. There’s also an optional warming pad you can slot under the cushy bedding. Fits cats up to 18 pounds, so even a porkster like Gibby can cruise in first-class comfort. Sleepypod

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