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Splitsville! Did Karrueche Tran Finally Dump Chris Brown?


chris brown and karrueche

Looks like Karrueche Tran is finally over Chris Brown‘s antics with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Rumor has it that Chris and Rihanna hooked up yet AGAIN….this time at NYC hotspot Griffin, but what makes it even more scandalous, is the hookup continued in the bathroom with numerous onlookers watching it go down.

According to Media Take Out, Rihanna, walked into a private bathroom in the club and Chris followed right after. They reportedly locked themselves in the bathroom for “a long time” while their security guards stood outside the door. Finally, Chris left the bathroom first with Rihanna following looking clearly “disheveled.”

Karrueche took to Twitter, to let Chris and the world know that she’s OVER IT!!!

Life is too short to be anything but happy.

there’s a difference between a man and a boy.

I prefer men.

 At this point, I’m so tired of this love triangle, I wish Chris & Rihanna would just admit that they’re back together and let Karrueche stop pretending she’s in a relationship with Chris.


by: Alexandra Capotorto

Kanye West

It was only a matter of time before it was announced that Kanye West has a sex tape. He is dating Kim Kardashian, after all. It’s like they can smell it on each other. Ew.

Anyway, the tape, which we’ll now refer to as KanyeGate from now on, runs about 20 minutes, and features a Kardashian look-alike, which just means he’s been kind of obsessing about her all along… which is creepy and just like, ew. Filmed in a hotel room, Kim 2.0 makes it very clear that she’s of legal age in the beginning of the tape — jailbait is just not okay.

“My husband and I don’t have sex anymore… that’s why I’m here!” confesses Kim 2.0 during KanyeGate, because when in doubt, make a sex tape with a rapper. We really hope her husband never saw the vid, and actually kind of wish we knew more information about all of that. It’s just as juicy!

RadarOnline viewed KanyeGate in its entirety and confirms that it is indeed West, and also mentions that he’s aware he’s being filmed, as he’s the one who set up the camera and stares into it just before shutting it off! Maybe he has being a director in his future?

A San Fernando sex industry insider (apparently that’s a thing) offered insight on the vid, and says it was filmed shortly before West got with Kardashian. “The sex tape is being shopped right now and there’s a lot of interest, but Kanye is freaking out! He doesn’t want this tape out and will do anything to make sure it stays private,” said the insider. “If this were to hit the market it would be worth a fortune… there would definitely be a lot of people wanting to see this! In my expert opinion Kanye’s performance far outweighs Kim’s!”

The insider also mentions that West was near tears when he heard the video was being shopped around. It’s okay, though, because we’re sure mama Kardashian will find a way to make bank off of it.

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British singles spend more than £168 million looking for love online

Nearly 30% of all relationships are formed online in 2012

The Brits have crossed a milestone in the online dating sector, according to the annual study published by industry experts “”. In 2011, people from the UK spent more than £9.6 million more than in the previous year on online dating. The industry is also a hit in Europe: nearly a third of people who meet each other for love now do so online.

The British online dating market grew a full 6% on the previous year – in 2011, turnover stood at £168.5 million. This huge increase is due largely to aggressive advertising on the part of leading online dating sites. “Premium-priced quality platforms which have well-honed audiences and good customer service are the ones who get ahead in all sectors”, says Danielle Baker from LeadingDatingSites, summarizing the survey. “Single customers are willing to pay more for better service”.

Online dating is a booming industry around the world, and European singles have caught on, becoming the sector’s largest audience. In 2012, nearly thirty percent of all relationships in the EU are formed online, and the British are holding the fort. Every month, around 6.2 million users log on to dating sites, and a further 2.7 million take part in ‘casual dating’, looking for erotic encounters. At the same time, Britain hosts about 50 online dating sites which have now crossed the 100,000 member mark.

Less pricey, but somewhat more superficial sites for 18-30 year olds have become available to those looking for casual dates and a distraction from the Facebook environment. They are also available as Smartphone Apps and offer features such as location-based real-time search functions for spontaneous encounters.

Download the study as a PDF

Online Dating UK infographic available here as a JPG

Full press release as PDF download


“UK’s Leading Dating Sites” is an independent observer of the British online dating industry. Those looking for love online will find results pointing them to leading singles’ portals and tips for online flirting. ““ is part of the German Metaflake network, which operates from Cologne in 12 different countries.
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When Your Sister Listens To Her Mister More Than You


A few months ago, while on the coattails of summer’s craziness, I lived through a strange experience of friendship that left me to the tendency of some friends to take, take, take… and take. Call them what you may, I like to think of these types of relationships as “convenience friendships.” This particular story involves a man – a player – that came between a sister and me.

It all began when a series of events led me to introduce two single friends, each from a separate corner of the lonely-hearts club. She, a dynamic sister with a bright future glazing in her horizon, sociable, a people-pleaser, ever-so insecure, met him, an attractive, slightly pretentious man, whose confidence, self-righteousness and charm could blow anyone’s pants off.

I went along with the venture, trying my best to facilitate what was an unlikely combination. She had returned from abroad at the beginning of the year and was detached from the life she left behind. But I, like others in our friendship group, was excited to hear about her stories, supposing that her brilliant mind was ticking over with exciting plans and was full of stories about new people and far-away lands.

On the other side of the equation, he and I had begun seeing each other quite often on the weekends, having a crazy time between us and with other frivolous friends. He spoke about his desire to calm down a little, to find someone with the prospect of longevity. So, when circumstances led them to meet, there was clear and open interest on both sides.

As the weeks went by I stood on the sidelines answering the questions of one about the other and tried my best to bridge some of the obvious differences between them. But it appeared that nothing was going to work between them. He had told me that he had been sleeping around, and even took another sister home on an evening in which she had called me to chase information about where he was. This came in his relationship disclaimer, that so as long as there was no future between them, and the attempts to make something work had reached an expiry date, he was free to do as he wished and with whomever he pleased.

She on the other hand was reappearing in my life quite sporadically to gain information about what he was doing, where he was and what I knew about him. It was strange because, aside from staying at my place when she first returned from abroad, I would only hear from her when she wanted something. It reached the point where I gathered that even she was aware of this, telling me one day “Let’s catch up soon, girl. I feel like I haven’t seen you at all.” I was not too concerned at this point; I was busy.

But, it was all to boil over after one wild evening when he and I shared a kiss at a club. Having been told that nothing was going on between them, I fell to his charms and was one of two women to be swooned that evening with his kiss. I realized that what I had done was foul when I turned to see him with that another sister. Indignant, I left the club. The next day I spoke with him to clear the air, only to discover that he and my friend, she, were seeing each other that evening for round two.

At this point my anger about having been used as a go-between-girl between two unmatched people had reached its climax. After months of being there for both of them, I was eventually pushed to redundancy, the friendships began to end and my interactions with both faded. I also can’t overlook the notion that I was slightly jealous. Two friends, who I had known for 2 years on separate grounds, had run off together and were leaving me behind.

So one evening, I directed a comment to him, amongst friends, that questioned the worth of his friendship. Given how proactive he was in broadcasting to the world a sense of moral superiority and excellence in friendship, he took my criticism poorly and defensively. I considered him a dirty rat, so I didn’t care about how he reacted.

But then, the following day, I received a phone call from her questioning me about the evening in which he and I had kissed. He had obviously told her to spite me and I imagined this was accompanied with the usual dialogue of “she must love me,” which he regularly uses to justify burnt bridges with women (those he burns with men are because they are jealous of his style and charm.) Cornered, I asked to meet with her the next day during my lunch break. She accepted but brought along a mutual friend so to avoid any conversation about what had happened. This was a clear indication she was not interested in hearing what I knew. I told her anyway.

A week later, having boiled over in self-reflection, I sent her an SMS with a stern warning her to watch her mouth with other people. She had fragrantly spread the word amongst mutual friends that I was the saboteur between them as they went about sewing the seeds of their rock-sold connection. I doubted, at this point, that she believed me when I told her about him sleeping around. This sickened me in my self-righteousness because I knew they were having unprotected sex, for which he would take no responsibility. A typical player – selfish and irresponsible.

The entire scenario left me feeling foolish and ashamed. Aside from considering him a friend of mine – an arrogant man with little no consideration of other people’s dignity – I had also fallen victim to subtle ways of a sister’s convenience friendship.

In all of this, I did things I was not at all proud of. I was very wrong to have kissed him without appreciating fully that she still may have had feelings for him by virtue of not knowing he was sleeping around and meeting new women. Her interaction with me was so sporadic, and always so focused on her needs with him, that I was never given the opportunity to know that she was still pursuing him at that point. But, as they began seeing each other again, with talk of them moving in together, a common enemy for them both has been the best method to cover up their obvious differences. Ultimately, my former sister got what she wanted – to fill a void in her life with a charming man. My services to her have dried up and so too has the friendship.

I scratch my head occasionally and wonder whether or not I should still care about her. But then I realize that it was a lesson learned for me and that so too will it be a lesson for her when she finally gets burned.

And that is how one friendship of convenience reached its inevitable end.

When Your Sister Listens To Her Mister More Than You

Is Your Relationship Low-Key Or On the Down Low?

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the R & B Podcast hosted by Lincoln Anthony Blades of the popular This Is Your Conscience blog. We had a really interesting laid back conversation (as always) chopping it up about everything from event planning to my thoughts on threesomes (your cue to check it out).  In the midst of our spirited conversation we touched on the topic of low-key relationships. The podcast was recorded on Saturday and the topic reverberated in my head for the entire weekend. This was after an exciting whirlwind of cocktails, fresh fruits and other distractions.

I learned during our dialogue that keeping relationships low-key is typically a male preference. Low key for the purpose of our discussion today is simply a preference for intimate encounters with minimal to no social media attention operating on a need to know basis. Down low refers to this classic R Kelly Isley Brothers track.

At this stage in my life and for a good portion of my dating life I’ve always preferred the Beyonce and Jay-Z approach, dropping little hints here and there, teasing, but never really getting into the raw dog details of my romantic relationships at any one time. They really had the media twitching for a good minute didn’t they?!

Is Your Relationship Low-Key Or On the Down Low?

I have stories, every day I work hard to create them believe me, but I respect any one I chose to date and carefully select what to share and what to keep under wraps.

9 times out of ten women are uncomfortable with low-key relationship because they feel as though a man is trying to hide them from the world. The fear is that they may end up in that side chick role, heading for a “just bag the face” demotion. I understand the concern and admittedly I’ve been in relationships that were not really relationships because of this factor *sigh* however this assumption is usually far-fetched especially if the man has not said, “I’m not looking for a relationship” or, “we just chillin”.

My reason for wanting a low-key relationship is so that he and I can build a foundation based upon respect and intimacy on our own terms before we ever publicly announce the relationship. The minute a relationship goes “viral” is the minute the strength of it will be tested and generally speaking men seem to understand this more than women *kanye shrugs*

Get your weight up before the Facebook relationship status change, before the parental introductions, before talks of the titles and rings. Who are we? What do we stand for? What will we NOT stand for? Do we respect each other?

It’s up to us (yes that includes you!) to take initiative at maintaining intimacy and therefore a balanced level of privacy in our love lives. Especially in world where people are murdered and abused over Facebook beef- Really though?! That’s enough of my two cents, what is your take on low-key relationships? Are you more comfortable with the red carpet approach or would you rather keep the good news to yourself?

P.S It’s also important to understand the difference between low key and down low. Skipping out of town and hiding from your partner’s spouse or significant other in crusty motels in seedy parts of town is not low key it means you’re on the side-If that’s what tickles your fancy by all means happy hiding.

‘Battle of The Sexes’ 

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Kim Kardashian tries out what looks like a wedding dress, but is marriage to Kanye West in the cards?

Kardashian, 31, isn’t officially divorced from Kris Humphries yet, but her new look from high-end fashion designer Emilio Pucci is sure to fan the flames of speculation.


 	Kim Kardashian's Instagram, captioned ‘Late night fitting at #pucci.’

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, captioned ‘Late night fitting at #pucci.’

If wedding bells are ringing again for Kim Kardashian, she’s already got at least one dress.

The 31-year-old reality star, who wore three gowns when she wed NBA player Kris Humphries last year, struck a pose in another floor-length, white number on Tuesday night.


Kardashian shared the Instagram snap with her nearly 16 million Twitter followers, prompting rumors she’s ready to tie the knot with beau Kanye West.

The buxom brunette captioned the photo, “Late night fitting #pucci,” presumably a nod to high-end fashion designer Emilio Pucci.

“I hope that’s a wedding dress,” a fan commented on Instagram.


Others worried the backless, embroidered gown wasn’t appropriate to wear down the aisle.

“Please don’t say that’s a wedding dress,” another Instagram user wrote. “And yes, if you were my best girlfriend, I’d say the same.”

Kardashian’s camp hasn’t commented on the prospect of marriage with West.

Despite her relationship with the rapper, Kardashian’s divorce from Humphries, to whom she was famously married to for just 72 days, is not yet finalized.

Humphries, 27, is pushing for an annulment of the marriage on the basis Kardashian never intended the relationship to last, and only had her sights set on money and fame.

A hearing is set for Nov. 28.

Kim Kardashian tries out what looks like a wedding dress, but is marriage to Kanye West in the cards?   

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Rihanna on ex-boyfriend Chris Brown: ‘We love each other and we probably always will’

The ‘We Found Love’ singer says it wasn’t the 2009 assault that ended her relationship with Chris Brown, but rather the couple’s youth.


Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Chris Brown and Rihanna.

The passage of time, a plethora of tabloid stories, and numerous barely masked tweets later, Rihanna claims that she still loves Chris Brown — always has and always will.

The “We Found Love” singer expressed nothing but compassion and a kind of wistful regret as she talked about her relationship with her former beau on Oprah Winfrey‘s “Oprah’s Next Chapter” Sunday night.

“I think he was the love of my life,” she told the talk show host. “He was my first love and I see that he loved me the same way. I truly love him. The main thing for me is he’s at peace. I’m not at peace if he’s not happy or he’s still lonely. I care. It actually matters that he finds that peace.”

Rihanna, 24, and Brown, 23, were both on the rise in the music scene and were quickly becoming one of the industry’s golden couples when Brown physically assaulted her in February 2009, leaving her bruised and bloody.

But the singer credits the demise of their relationship to youth, not to an isolated incident.

“We were very young and very spontaneous,” she said of their problems. “We were falling in love and going at a really rapid pace. We forgot about ourselves as individuals.”

The Barbadian beauty even says that she felt concerned over the media fallout that Brown had to face afterward, though she was the victim in the situation.

“It became a circus and I felt protective. I felt like the only person they hate right now is him,” she said. “It was a weird, confusing space to be in because as angry as I was, as angry and hurt and betrayed, I just felt like he made that mistake because he needed help.”

What ultimately happened, she tells Winfrey, is that she learned to forgive the “With You” singer and move on, though it took some time.

“I’m single, but we have maintained a very close friendshpi since the restraining order has been dropped,” she said. “It’s not easy.

“I thought I hated Chris and I realized it was love that was tarnished. It looked like hate becuase it was ugly, it was angry, it was inflamed, it was tained and I realized that what it was is, I have to forgive him, because I cared about him still.

“And the minute I let go of that, I started living again.”

Rihanna on ex-boyfriend Chris Brown: ‘We love each other and we probably always will’

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson’s Supposed Mistress Speaks Out


*Just 41-days after tying the knot, Evelyn Lozada and her now former lover and friend, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, are getting a divorce.

It looks like someone is trying to beat Kim Kardashian.

After the reality star and Johnson got into a physical altercation Saturday that ended with a violent, alleged head butt and a call to the police, it looks like more about their relationship is spilling out.

Supposedly the football player ‘cheated’ with a long time mistress from Boston.

Before we go any further, if this is true, there was a time when Evelyn said they have an open relationship. At least she led everyone to believe that with talks on “Basketball Wives.”

Anyway, Beverly Shiner (pictured below)  told that she dated Johnson from January through May this year, while Evelyn was doing some serious wedding planning.

“I Googled him before we met and saw he was engaged, but at the time there were reports that she had broken it off because she thought he was cheating, so I assumed they had split up,” she told Radar.

Oh it gets interesting. The mistress claims she cozied her way into his Foxborough, Mass home, where she found another woman’s toiletries in the bathroom.

“While I was there he called Evelyn and asked if she could order a pizza to be delivered for him, and even had her pay for it on her credit card,” Shiner told Radar. “I thought it was odd and wondered if she was really his fiancée or just a secretary.”

Eventually, she started to keep track of when Evelyn was in and out of town and meet up with Chad when he was around.

It seems like a hot mess and sort of stalker-like.

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Read/learn more at RadarOnline.

Robert Pattinson turns to ex Nina Schubert for break-up advice

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson in a scene from Remember Me. Picture: Supplied

ROBERT Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend has apparently warned him not to “make any hasty decisions” when it comes to his love life.

The British actor has remained on good terms with his first love, Nina Schubert. The pair dated when Robert was growing up in London and despite the split, they still share a close bond. Robert has been left devastated after it was revealed that his girlfriend Kristen Stewart cheated on him with director Rupert Sanders. The hunk has now turned to Nina, who is proving to be his rock.

“Rob and Nina grew up together… She was Rob’s first serious girlfriend. It only didn’t work out between them because he had to move to LA for work. She’s been there for him more than anyone else these past few weeks,” a source told British magazine Look. “Nina’s told him he shouldn’t make any hasty decisions now and he should take all the time he needs.”

Robert has been phoning Nina and they have been discussing his relationship with Kristen.

“He calls her upset, at 2am, saying over and over how stupid he feels for not realising what was going on between Kristen and Rupert,” the source added. “She’s there to listen.”

Kristen is believed to be begging to see Robert so she can “explain” herself.

According to British magazine Closer, the cheating star wants a face-to-face meeting, saying; “You don’t have to forgive me, just hear me out.”

Kristen has even suggested the pair fly to a secluded log cabin in Seattle. Robert is said to be unsure of the plans, but has Kristen’s best interests at heart.

“Rob is still deciding what to do,” the source continued. “He knows she’s going through as much hell as he is, but he’s not sure he’s ready to see her or forgive her. Kristen has told him she doesn’t expect or deserve forgiveness, she just needs to see him to explain.”

Meanwhile, Rupert’s wife Liberty Ross apparently visited a lawyer in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The model was spotted in the lobby of a legal practice in Century City.

However, TMZ is reporting Liberty is not seeking a divorce from the director. It is believed the couple are working on reconciliation and have attended couples therapy sessions.

Liberty has not been wearing her wedding ring, and insiders claim she wants “assurance” from Rupert that he won’t be unfaithful again.
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‘Breaking Dawn’ Director on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Post Scandal

Bill Condon says of the ‘Twiligh Saga’ lead actors, ‘The fact is, these are actors playing parts, and maybe it’s not such a bad thing that people be reminded of that.’

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

Many Twihards were devastated to find out that Edward and Bella’s immortal love didn’t extend beyond the screen when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke up following her scandalous fling with married director Rupert Sanders. On the contrary, Bill Condon thinks it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“The fact is, these are actors playing parts, and maybe it’s not such a bad thing that people be reminded of that,” he tells EW for its fall movie preview. “Both of these actors gave heart and soul to the ‘Twilight‘ movies, not only during shooting, but also by navigating so graciously the whole life-in-a-fishbowl aspect of the phenomenon.”

The director, who helmed both “The Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part I” and “The Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part II“, continues, “Above all they have always shown great respect for the fans who made thesemovies such a success. Now it’s time that some of that respect be returned to them.”

The tryst between Kristen and her “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert did not only end the actress’ relationship with Robert but also rocked the filmmaker’s marriage to Liberty Ross. The British model ditched her wedding ring when stepping out for the first time since the affair.

‘Breaking Dawn’ Director on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Post Scandal

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