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Kristen Stewart Pre-Cheating Scandal: I Don’t Like “Fake” People

by Rebecca Macatee

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart doesn’t bother with the phony Hollywood, sweet persona many actresses take on.

“I don’t like people like that,” the 22-year-old actress told Entertainment Weekly in a mid-July interview, just before news broke that she cheated on Robert Pattinson with married director Rupert Sanders.

People who are a complete non-person but somehow through the lens seem like they are on and interesting and engaged. I care way more about the people standing in the room,” she said. “I don’t want anyone leaving and saying, ‘God, that girl is so fake.'”

Breaking Dawn 2 director talks Rob and Kristen scandal

“People tell me to make it easier on myself and to play a character when I go out on carpets and stuff,” she added. “But you know what? I’d rather be me.”

Being herself—whether it’s her candid interviews or the heartbreaking public apology she made to Pattinson—is a huge part of Stewart’s appeal.

Just keep being you, K.Stew.

Rob & Kristen’s romance diary in pictures

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Us Weekly cover TEEN CHOICE 2012 Show, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Pre-Cheating Scandal: I Don’t Like “Fake” People



Robert Pattinson to give his first interview since Kristen Stewart’s affair with director

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson will be under pressure to open up about his relationship with Kristen Stewart.

AS interviews go, this could be a tricky one.

Robert Pattinson is set to give his first TV interview since his girlfriend Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on him.

He is due to appear live on Good Morning America on August 15 but to promote his new film, Cosmopolis, but it’s not known if he’ll open up about his heartbreak.

There will be huge pressure on the star to talk about his relationship with Stewart and his publicists won’t be able to fend off the questions indefinitely.

Pattinson moved out of his home with Stewart after gossip mags published details of her affair with married director Rupert Sanders.

He has been hiding from the cameras at the luxury home of his Water for Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon and is reportedly coping well.

Us Weekly reports that he had an “amazing” night at a country-western bar on Saturday.

“He looked like a guy that was just trying to enjoy himself and get away,” an insider said. “Seems like a good kid.”

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Watch Will Ferrell Call Kristen Stewart A Trampire

Author: Katey Rich
Last week I kind of flipped my wig a little bit at Fox News, thanks to a headline that dubbed Kristen Stewart a “trampire” due to her affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. My affection for solid puns aside, it seemed like an unnecessarily judgmental and woman-hating term for a woman who had just made a bad but personal mistake. Turns out, I’m not the only one who’s upset– Will Ferrell is right there with me, though he uses that “trampire” term just like Fox News did. It’s just that, this time, it’s funny. Take a look below.

There’s a part of me that recoils for a second and thinks that Ferrell is diminishing what’s likely real pain that Kristen Stewart is going through. But as a fan of virtually everything Ferrell does, I can’t help but also laugh at the sight of his face crumpled into tears, so I’m going to choose to believe he’s making fun of the people who take celebrity news so seriously that they actually would cry about it– or call Kristen Stewart a “trampire” with a straight face.

If you’re wondering why Ferrell is showing up on Conan’s couch, he’s out promoting the comedy The Campaign, in which he stars with Zach Galifianakis as a pair of North Carolina politicians running for state office. It’s also the reason he, Galifianakis and Jon Hamm took on Jon Stewart in an equally funny Daily Showappearance. God bless you, Will Ferrell, for keeping late-night television interesting even years after SNL.

 Watch Will Ferrell Call Kristen Stewart A Trampire 

How Long Should I Message Somebody On OkCupid Before Going On A Date?

By Katie Heaney

How long should I message back and forth with someone on a dating site before asking to go on/being asked to go on an actual date?

You know how, when you get crushes on someone you’ve met in real life, you end up feeling like you know everything about him/her too quickly? Embarrassingly quickly, I mean? You have a few chats with some cute guy from work, and he says something positive about your favorite TV show, and suddenly it’s like you’ve known him forever? He’s smart, funny, well rounded, good to his family (and, eventually, yours), feminist, kind, and strong — you are certain these things are true, because you imagine that people without those qualities are blocked by NBC from even watching Parks & Recreation.

You don’t really know anything about this person, but wait. Take away everything you know about his three-dimensionality: his height/width compared to yours, his posture, the way he listens (or doesn’t), his voice and mannerisms. Now you know what you can know from online dating. You’re working with a rough idea of a face and a couple of TV shows. (Or, I don’t know, if you’re on eHarmony, you’re probably working with DNA samples and psychological profiling and are a lot better off than what I’m suggesting.)

With someone you think you might like, I suggest giving it about ten messages total. Some people say three, but I think you ought to give this person a few more chances to totally screw up BEFORE you meet. This is how you save money. If you wait much longer than that, you’re probably going to have a lot of false ideas about what this person will be like, and it’s hard to work with that kind of pressure. You’re going to get to your date expecting a perfect match and he’ll end up being one of those people that sings a few lines from every song or band that comes up in conversation, and you won’t know how to turn down a second date because you’ll think that under that terrible, terrible façade is your soul mate. Save yourself. Ten messages or bust.

So, I often email with the same group of about 4-5 friends, and I find myself always purposely changing up the order of the CC list so nobody feels undervalued. Is this just me? Do I need to do this?

My first instinct is to say something like this: “Yiiiikes! Yikes. If you hosted a dinner party, would you make everyone get up and rearrange chairs every ten minutes so that everyone received equal exposure to each other guest in attendance? What are you going to do if/when you have kids and they aren’t triplets you give birth to simultaneously? What’s next, plucking out your keyboard letters and rearranging them so that the esteemed middle row letters don’t get big heads?”

My second instinct is to take a step back, especially because a lot of those comparisons don’t make sense. Actually, I think what you’re doing is really, really nice. It is very sweet, and also impressive that you can both remember the order you last used and take the time to change that order! I do think you might be the only person doing this. I think you might be that tree stump in The Giving Tree. You don’t need to be so generous as you are currently — most people, if they’re normal and have friends in real life, won’t hold a CC order against you — but your kindness may pay off in the form of getting to have a little boy sit on top of you. It sounds worse than what I mean.

How do I introduce people over email? If I’m putting them in touch to talk about some specific thing, at what point am I supposed to be dropped off the email chain between the newly acquainted people?

What I WISH happened is that right after you introduced two people, in real life or online, you would be yanked out of their presence by one of those large canes that take people off stage, accompanied by some vaudeville music. (If it were online I guess the other two people would see a GIF of this happening.) Actually I want this to happen any time a person wants to be removed from a social situation in which s/he is uncomfortable, or wants to leave but doesn’t know how. Just think how fun it would be to sit in a bar and watch dates all around you end this way!

Fortunately, your situation has an easier out than most bad dates do. You need not bring the proverbial false vomit to take out of your purse in the bathroom, put on your face, and show to your date to prove you’ve become very ill, so to speak. If you construct your email in a particular way, the two people whom you’ve introduced should know to start “replying” instead of “reply-all-ing” and save you from any sort of awkward, inadvertent-fly-on-the-email behavior.

Here’s your magical template. Write “Introductions!” in the subject line. (Maybe don’t use an exclamation point if, for example, one of the two people in your introduction is a grief counselor, a lawyer, a drug lord, or an escort service. I don’t know what you get up to in your free time.) Then write, “[Name], meet [Other name]. [Name], [Other name] is the person I was telling you about who [is selling item/can help with thing/is new to your area/whatever].” Then, on the next line, on its own so it is VERY clear, write, “I’ll let you two chat!” Then sign the email with something like “Have a great day! [Your name]” You (should) have provided your acquaintances with sufficient evidence that you do not wish to be included in their email chain going forward. If they STILL reply all, email “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Don’t talk to me! Don’t look at me!” Or just ignore it, ugh.

Katie Heaney is a writer and volunteer text message analyst living in Minneapolis. She thinks you should have good manners, even on the internet.

How Long Should I Message Somebody On OkCupid Before Going On A Date?

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How to Stop the Pain

By Kayla Albert

“Judgments prevent us from seeing
the good that lies beyond appearances.”
Wayne Dyer

I’ve spent the last week brooding over unexpected events that have transpired in my work and personal life, holing myself up in a darkened room contemplating all of the dire consequences these events will have on my present and future.

The same thoughts have been turning somersaults in my mind for hours on end, disrupting my sleep and pushing me to lash out when it’s entirely unnecessary and, sometimes, inappropriate.

In truth, I took situations that were completely neutral and transformed them in my mind to represent all kinds of gloom and doom. I’m beginning to see this as something I’m ridiculously good at–something I know that I need to change.

I can say in hindsight that I’ve spent a lot of my life waiting for the other shoe to drop–equating times of happiness and fulfillment to being at the top of a roller coaster where it’s only a matter of time before everything goes careening downhill.

I’m not entirely sure what the psychology is behind this mindset, but I know that I have an underlying belief that life tends to equal things out–good is followed by bad, accomplishment is followed by struggle, etc.

I have so much faith that “bad” situations, experiences and people will continue to show up in my life, I mistakenly place these labels where they aren’t deserved. Labels allow the unknown to be categorized before the true nature of the situation or the person is shown.

This creates a false sense of “knowing” in which the projected outcome is usually far worse than the reality. And of course, the amount of energy spent by entertaining false outcomes and the direness of future situations is utterly exhausting.

From the age of 12 to 16 I attended a local art school in which a great deal of my day was spent recreating still life scenes on paper, spending hours shading to reflect the light and trying again and again to get the proportions of each object just right.

While I struggled at times to grasp the technical side of creating “good” art, the biggest hurdle I faced was rather simple: learning how to draw exactly what I saw and not allowing my mind to add in extras that weren’t actually there.

It was my mind that would trick me into changing the placement of an object or making the features of someone’s face larger than they actually were. I needed to train myself to simply be the vessel in which reality was transferred to paper.

It took great discipline to constantly look up from what I was drawing to refer back to the scene sitting in front of me — just like it takes discipline to continue checking in with reality instead of drawing my own hasty conclusions based on nothing more than a label or a feeling.

With this little bit of self-awareness, I can say that there have been countless situations and events in my life in which I have responded to by jumping into conclusions, assuming the worst when reality might have indicated otherwise.

I’ve fought with a friend and assumed the friendship was over; been passed over for a job and assumed it was because I wasn’t talented enough; encountered financial hardship and assumed I was doomed to living from paycheck to paycheck for the rest of my life.

Every time I’ve resorted to this thought process I’ve seen other areas of my life begin to suffer–I lash out in my personal relationships, losemotivation to work for the things I want; the list goes on and on.

In recovering from this past week of dwelling in a negative alternate reality, here are the three reminders I now have tacked up on my refrigerator:

Reminder #1: Go to the Source

The majority of the anger and upset I was experiencing this week stemmed from a decision made by someone else that affected me greatly. It was from this decision that I began making assumption after assumption about what is said about me and what I had been doing wrong.

Luckily they approached me about the situation and all of the hurt and confusion I had been experiencing was cleared up in a two-minute conversation. That’s all it took.

If I would have just asked for the facts, I wouldn’t have had as much room to create my own version of the story.

Reminder #2: Seek to Understand

A few months ago my sister went to an astrologer who told her that her sibling (me) would be very surprised by an upcoming situation. When asked if the surprise was good or bad, the astrologer simply said, “Neither.”

I didn’t fully understand what that meant until now. The situation–or the “surprise” as she referred to it–was neither positive or negative. It was my interpretation of it that could make it one or the other.

Often times we label a situation negative until later on when we can see the positive aspects of it. We may not have all the knowledge we need to see the full picture when we’re in the midst of something, but simply recognizing the labels when we use them is a step in the right direction.

Reminder #3: Move Slowly & Deliberately

If I were to make decisions while I was driving the same way I respond to life situations–quickly and without much thought–I would probably be in a horrible accident.

I allow my mind to be ten steps ahead of what is actually occurring, and that, as I’ve learned, is detrimental to my wellbeing.

It’s time to stop, think about the situation with given facts, and respond slowly and deliberately to what is actually going on. If I choose to pass judgment one way or another, I need to routinely check in to see what that judgment is based upon.

The amount of energy I’ve spent mulling over scenarios that have never actually happened is absurd. I choose now to redirect that energy elsewhere.

Question for you: What conclusions have you jumped to only to find out in the end that you were wrong? 

How to Stop the Pain

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Kris Jenner Takes Lie Detector Test After Reuniting With Former Fling


Bruce Jenner, Kris Kardashian arrive for the City of Hope honoring Shelli And Irving Azoff with the 2011 Spirit of Life award at Universal Studios Hollywood on May 7, 2011 in Universal City, California.

Bruce Jenner, Kris Kardashian arrive for the City of Hope honoring Shelli And Irving Azoff with the 2011 Spirit of Life award at Universal Studios Hollywood on May 7, 2011 in Universal City, California.

Kris Jenner may believe that honesty is the best policy, but her family — and husband Bruce — seem to think otherwise.

On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the family matriarch, 56, reunited with her former fling, Todd Waterman, in secret behind husband Bruce’s back, to get what she declared “closure” 23 years after their affair. (Waterman was the man who came between Kris’ marriage to the late Robert Kardashian, Sr., who passed away in 2003, 12 years after splitting from Kris.)

PHOTOS: Kardashian family album

After their meeting, Jenner does what she thinks is the right thing and comes clean to Bruce, 62, who doesn’t take the news lightly. “I wanted to tell you I appreciate you and that I may have been fantasizing about somebody for the last 23 years that didn’t deserve that recognition,” Kris admitted. An angry Bruce’s reply? “What an idiot you are!” he fumed. “I don’t know how I can trust you.”

Kris’ daughters — Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian — sided with Bruce and were just as angry with their mom. “What a little whore! Why would you give him the satisfaction? Wouldn’t you just want him to [think] you don’t exist?” argued Kourtney, who uged Kris to take a lie detector test to prove her love for Bruce.

VIDEO: Kris slams Khloe for gaining weight

Consenting to the lie detector test using questions devised by her daughters, Kris offers feedback on topics including Khloe’s real father and whether or not she’d like to have an affair with Waterman. Though the polygraph expert conducting the test saw the needle spike when Kris answered questions about Waterman, he determined Kris’ heart rate was elevated due to an emotional reaction to the question — not because she was caught in a lie.

PHOTOS: Reality TV couples

Once she passed the test, Kris thought her family would finally drop the subject, but her daughters again took it upon themselves to help her and Bruce rekindle the romance their marriage once had. “My mom and Bruce are having a tough time and these are the things people split over,” Kim — who sent them away for a weekend in Malibu — admitted of the couple, married 21 years. “They met in Malibu so we’re hoping we can rekindle that spark.”

Though their weekend started off slow, Kris and Bruce eventually realized the need to refocus their marriage and vowed to be more open and honest with one another. “Life happened, kids happened and business happened and things got in the way,” Kris admitted. “We have to get it together so we care again. Actions speak louder than words.”

Read more: 

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Game and Fiancé Cancel Wedding

By Arielle Loren

Game and Fiancé Cancel Wedding

Wedding bells are no longer ringing for Game and his fiancé, Tiffney Cambridge. Earlier this week it was reported that the Compton rapper and his longtime girlfriend were getting a wedding reality show to follow them on the journey leading up to the big day, but the couple’s wedding site now states the nuptials have been called off.

“We regret to inform you that the wedding of Tiffney Cambridge & Jayceon Taylor has been cancelled,” a statement on the site read. No official explanation has been released.

The rap star told S2S magazine that he’d spent over half a million dollars on the ceremony. The wedding date was set for next weekend, July 28. However, the two “just didn’t get along” and “it just didn’t work out,” according to an S2S source.

This is the second engagement for Game that hasn’t ended in a walk down the aisle. The celebrity was set to wed music exec Valeshia Butterfield in 2007, but the ceremony was called off months ahead of time. Butterfield eventually married NBA star Dahntay Jones in 2011, and they recently had a son.

There’s no word whether the cancellation of Game’s wedding to Cambridge signifies the end of their overall relationship. Between the reality wedding show deal and the couple’s relationship issues, there are still decisions left to work through.

Game tweeted:

“Time is the only thing you can’t get back. Use it wisely & understand that once a decision is made…. There is NO reversing that moment.”

Game and Fiancé Cancel Wedding

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20 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex


You Can Win Without It

“It’s not what wins a woman over.” – Carmen.


Listen Up!

“That I actually know what I want, so don’t be scared to listen to me.” – Victoria


We’re Not All the Same

“Every woman is different. What pleases one woman might not necessarily please another. The key is being in tune with your woman and her particular needs and desires.” – Lela


We’re Ovens Not Microwaves

“We are not always ready when they are ready. We just have sex because they want us to have sex.” – Melissa


We Get So Emotional

“Sex is an emotional act for women and is not just meant to fill a physical need.” – Precious


It Can Make Us Feel Safe

“Intimacy with the one you love provides you a safe place to be vulnerable.” – Tina


Don’t Want It Too Much

“Their obsession with it is a turn-off.” – Trei


Sex and Love Aren’t the Same

“Having sex with a woman is not the way to her heart but making love to her will go a long way. There is a difference you know!” – Toya


There Has to Be More to It

“It’s a part of the relationship, NOT the relationship.” – Chevelle


Foreplay Matters

“How to be passionate and to learn that foreplay takes place all day long; a phone call to say something sexy, a sexually charged email. Start setting the mood early in the day.” – Therea

No Condom, No Complaining

“Not using protection forfeits your right to complain about the consequences.” – Ayana

Stimulate My Mind Too

“That you got to mentally satisfy before you get between the thighs!” – Janet


Taking Off All My Clothes Is A Big Deal

“That ripping my clothes off as soon as we’re alone is not always as sexy as men think. Being naked makes a woman feel vulnerable and if he’s too pushy, it doesn’t make her feel comfortable at all.” – Candace

Our Heads Are In the Game

“It’s more mental than physical for women.” – Krystal

The Clitoris Is the Queen

“How to find the clitoris! Learn what it is, where it is and give it some attention.” – Phylicia

Be A Friend First

“Companionship is so much better.” – Dawn

Make Every Moment Count

“Truly cherishing the before, the act and after of love making.” – Matasha

We Like Orgasms Too

“We want [to have] an orgasm every time just like they want one every time!” – Amber

Can’t We Just Cuddle?

“We don’t always want sex just because we want to cuddle.” – Ethel


Touch Me, Tease Me

“Take time to caress and love each part as if it was the last time you’ll experience love making.” – Lynn

20 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

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Kris Humphries’ Ex to Kim Kardashian: ‘Stop Spying on Me’

*Kris Humphries’ ex-girlfriend is now accusing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian of getting private investigators to spy on her.

Myla Sinanaj – who was subpoenaed by Kim’s legal team to discuss her relationship with Kris last month as part of their divorce proceedings – has taken digs at the reality TV star via twitter, urging Kim to leave her alone.

Myla tweeted: ”Hey @kimkardashian why don’t u enjoy ur Miami trip & stop sending private investigators to my house-Stop dragging me into ur drama.”

She further tweeted:

  • ”Subpoena me twice for the same thing! Hilarious”
  • ”People get so used to hearing lies that the truth doesn’t even seem real anymore.”
  • ”Choose your friends carefully. Your enemies will choose you.”
  • ”I am who I am. I like what I like. I love who I love. I do what I want. Get off my back and deal with it. It’s my life, not yours. (sic)”

Myla has been ordered to sit for a deposition trial at the end of the month as part of Kim and Kris’ divorce proceedings, and her former lawyer Joe Tacopina already accepted service on her behalf, but there are concerns she might now say he didn’t have authority to accept.

Last month, Kris’ attorneys were said to be planning to issue a subpoena to Kim’s boyfriend Kanye West.

Kim and Kris split in October after just 72 days of marriage.

Kris Humphries’ Ex to Kim Kardashian: ‘Stop Spying on Me’

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I Left Him Before Because He Couldn’t Satisfy Me & It’s The Same Issue Again

Dear Bossip,

I’m having a huge dilemma! I am in a rebound relationship!

I’ve been with him for a year now, but I used to be with him a few years ago as well. It didn’t work out a few years ago because there were issues with our sex life!!  We lived together and were with each other for about 3 years. No children in common, but at that time I had a son. I spoke to him about the sex but it was no change. He has an average size penis, which is really not an issue for me if you know how to use it, but what really bothered me is that when we would have sex, he would only last like 5 minutes. I dealt with it for as long as I could and then I cheated.

He found out about it and the relationship went downhill from there. We tried to hang on, but the trust was gone. Eventually he moved out and we went our separate ways. A few years passed and we kept in contact once in a while, but I ended up in another relationship. I had a baby by that person, but sadly it didn’t work out. I used to feel like it was karma biting me in the ass for cheating in my prior relationship. So, he knew about the new relationship and the new baby and the fact that it didn’t work out. I secretly wanted him to take me back but I couldn’t bring myself to say it. I could tell that he still loved me just by some of the things he would say on the phone and how he seemed to care so much about me being hurt even though I cheated on him in the past.

So, all of the communication between us ended up placing us back into each other’s lives and now we have been together for 1 year. However, the sex is still an issue! I am not satisfied! And I thought because I am older now, 32-years old to be exact, that I would be able to overlook it and just focus on all of his other qualities. But, once again it’s taking a toll on me! I spoke to a few people about it and I’m getting responses like, “Just stay with him because he is a provider and have a guy on the side just for sex.” Or, “you need to figure out if sex is that important to you and if it is you need to move on.”

I am so confused because I love him and I don’t want to hurt him again and I feel like if I cheat I’m going to hurt him and if I leave him I’m going to hurt him. Sometimes we argue over little things and I know it’s because I cheated on him in the past so his guard is up. It feels like I’m walking on eggshells sometimes and I hate that feeling.

This time around we don’t live together but he pays my car insurance, and a few other bills. I mean I am independent I have my own place and a good job, but the things that he is helping me with helps out a great deal, but I don’t want that to be the highlight of our relationship because that is just wrong! Please help me. – Unsatisfied

Dear Ms. Unsatisfied,

SMDH! You are just the worse!

I’m going to say this and be done with it – You don’t love him. You love what he can do for you. You love that he is helping you out by paying your car insurance, and the few other bills that he’s helping you with financially. It takes the load off of you and taking care of two kids by yourself. Because I know neither of your children’s fathers is contributing to their well-being, thus, you are using this man to supplement your “independent” lifestyle. Girl, bye! Miss me already.

This man has been with you through two different baby daddies, though you were not together at the time, however, he’s been the one steady constant in your life. He’s the one you run to when you need something, or want someone to make you feel loved, yet, you know in your heart that he cannot satisfy you and your thirsty loins. You’ve cheated on him previously for his inability to work over your hungry va-ja-ja, which became the demise of your relationship. And, after some time apart you had this epiphany, your ‘aha’ moment, and realized he was a great guy who did a lot for you and was dependable and a stand-up guy, so you wanted him back and went back to the very situation only to discover that the sex is still the same.

Now, your throbbing and hungry coochie needs to be scratched because he’s not doing the job, and you want me to tell you what? You knew what you were getting when you decided to get back into a relationship with him. What were you expecting? You made the choice to get back in a doomed relationship. It’s not going anywhere, and cannot go anywhere because you have unresolved issues. And, one of those issues is the sex. If he can’t satisfy you and keep you happy in the bedroom WHY REMAIN IN THE RELATIONSHIP?

You say, “I am so confused because I love him and I don’t want to hurt him again and I feel like if I cheat I’m going to hurt him and if I leave him I’m going to hurt him.” Well, here’s a newsflash for you, sweetie – You’re already hurting him by staying in the relationship and lying and deceiving him. Why be with someone if you’re not satisfied? Why be with someone who cannot give you what you need in the bedroom? The only thing you’re going to do is what you know how to do best: CHEAT! I just call them as I see them.

You’re already arguing over little things, and you feel it’s because you’ve cheated in the past and that he’s holding it against you. You said that you hate the feeling of walking on eggshells with him. So, again, why are you with him? Oh, yeah, my bad. It’s because of what he can do for you financially, and the support he provides. Trifling a**!

So, because of your misery you’re going to drag him around and make his life miserable as well? Because of your insatiable need to have your p***y beat up, and his inability to get the job done you’re already fantasizing about some other dude jumping your bones. Yeah, stay with him smarta**. Stay with him and continue to be unhappy. Stay with him and cheat and get your rocks off temporarily for a few hours.

If he is such a great guy, supportive, nurturing, and everything you need in a man, then have you thought about coming up with some sex games or other means of helping him last longer in the bedroom? Have you explored with him how to touch you, play with you, and pleasure you in other various ways? Have you considered prolonging your foreplay, giving him specific instructions and guiding him to your various erogenous zones and pleasure points? What about exploring more of his erogenous zones and pleasure points? Naw, you didn’t because it would take some actual thinking with your brain instead of your coochie. You already know what to do and instead of asking me, and everyone else what you should do, how about you be a grown a** woman and be honest with yourself and him. He can’t get the job, and you’re unhappy and unsatisfied in the bedroom. Plain and simple. So, tell him, “You are a good man. You need to be with a woman who will appreciate you and everything about you. But, I can’t stay in this relationship because the way I need to be handled as a woman in the bedroom and have my p***y pounded, we are just not a match sexually.” – Terrance Dean

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