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by: Alexandra Capotorto

Kanye West

It was only a matter of time before it was announced that Kanye West has a sex tape. He is dating Kim Kardashian, after all. It’s like they can smell it on each other. Ew.

Anyway, the tape, which we’ll now refer to as KanyeGate from now on, runs about 20 minutes, and features a Kardashian look-alike, which just means he’s been kind of obsessing about her all along… which is creepy and just like, ew. Filmed in a hotel room, Kim 2.0 makes it very clear that she’s of legal age in the beginning of the tape — jailbait is just not okay.

“My husband and I don’t have sex anymore… that’s why I’m here!” confesses Kim 2.0 during KanyeGate, because when in doubt, make a sex tape with a rapper. We really hope her husband never saw the vid, and actually kind of wish we knew more information about all of that. It’s just as juicy!

RadarOnline viewed KanyeGate in its entirety and confirms that it is indeed West, and also mentions that he’s aware he’s being filmed, as he’s the one who set up the camera and stares into it just before shutting it off! Maybe he has being a director in his future?

A San Fernando sex industry insider (apparently that’s a thing) offered insight on the vid, and says it was filmed shortly before West got with Kardashian. “The sex tape is being shopped right now and there’s a lot of interest, but Kanye is freaking out! He doesn’t want this tape out and will do anything to make sure it stays private,” said the insider. “If this were to hit the market it would be worth a fortune… there would definitely be a lot of people wanting to see this! In my expert opinion Kanye’s performance far outweighs Kim’s!”

The insider also mentions that West was near tears when he heard the video was being shopped around. It’s okay, though, because we’re sure mama Kardashian will find a way to make bank off of it.

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Kanye West Pokes Fun At Mitt Romney’s Tax Woes On Cruel Summer


Mitt Romney is becoming the most popular guy to rap about since Barack Obama. But make no mistake, rappers have nothing positive to say about him.

Days after Nicki Minaj shot down rumors that she would be supporting the Republican presidential candidate, Kanye West took a shot of his own. G.O.O.D. Music’s anticipated Cruel Summer album won’t officially be released until September 18, but the LP leaked to the Web on Thursday, and in addition to that off-the-wall feature from R. Kelly on the opening track “To the World,” ‘Ye throws a quick jab at Mitt Romney.

Oh, and he repeats it, just to make sure no one misses it.

Including a quick shout-out to Rick Ross and his hit “Hold Me Back,” West spits, “I be all up in Goldman Sachs like these n—as tryna hold me back, these n—as tryna hold me back/ I’m just trying to protect my stacks/ Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax, Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax.”

Mr. West is pointing to Romney’s refusal to make more than two years of his tax returns public, while CNN reports that Mitt requested to see at least 10 years of tax returns from potential vice-presidential candidates. Democrats have been after Romney to be more open with this financial records, but Romney says he’s already done what’s required of him.

Kanye took a more direct route to attack Romney than Nicki Minaj did on Lil Wayne’s Dedication 4 freestyle “Mercy.” The line (“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/ You lazy bitches is f—ing up the economy”) had fans up in arms, outraged that the YMCMB rapper would potentially support Romney. It took President Obama weighing in to finally get Nicki talking about the line.

“I’m not sure that’s actually what happened,” Obama said when asked if he’d heard that Minaj might vote for Romney. “I think she had a song on there, a little rap that said that, but she likes to play different characters. So I don’t know what’s going on there.”

“Ha! Thank you for understanding my creative humor & sarcasm Mr. President, the smart ones always do… *sends love & support*,” Nicki wrote in response.

Who had the better Mitt Romney line: Kanye West or Nicki Minaj?

Kanye West Pokes Fun At Mitt Romney’s Tax Woes On Cruel Summer

Kim Kardashian tries out what looks like a wedding dress, but is marriage to Kanye West in the cards?

Kardashian, 31, isn’t officially divorced from Kris Humphries yet, but her new look from high-end fashion designer Emilio Pucci is sure to fan the flames of speculation.


 	Kim Kardashian's Instagram, captioned ‘Late night fitting at #pucci.’

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, captioned ‘Late night fitting at #pucci.’

If wedding bells are ringing again for Kim Kardashian, she’s already got at least one dress.

The 31-year-old reality star, who wore three gowns when she wed NBA player Kris Humphries last year, struck a pose in another floor-length, white number on Tuesday night.


Kardashian shared the Instagram snap with her nearly 16 million Twitter followers, prompting rumors she’s ready to tie the knot with beau Kanye West.

The buxom brunette captioned the photo, “Late night fitting #pucci,” presumably a nod to high-end fashion designer Emilio Pucci.

“I hope that’s a wedding dress,” a fan commented on Instagram.


Others worried the backless, embroidered gown wasn’t appropriate to wear down the aisle.

“Please don’t say that’s a wedding dress,” another Instagram user wrote. “And yes, if you were my best girlfriend, I’d say the same.”

Kardashian’s camp hasn’t commented on the prospect of marriage with West.

Despite her relationship with the rapper, Kardashian’s divorce from Humphries, to whom she was famously married to for just 72 days, is not yet finalized.

Humphries, 27, is pushing for an annulment of the marriage on the basis Kardashian never intended the relationship to last, and only had her sights set on money and fame.

A hearing is set for Nov. 28.

Kim Kardashian tries out what looks like a wedding dress, but is marriage to Kanye West in the cards?   

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by: Alexandra Capotorto

Kanye West Kim Kardashian

Well isn’t this just a golden nugget of a celebrity news story? There’s a rumor floating around that Kanye Westmight be the newest judge on ‘American Idol‘ — and now, he’s gained the support of everybody’s favorite momager Kris Jenner, mom to the Kardashian klan.

As if West doesn’t have has head on straight when it comes to his career (he is dating Kim Kardashian, so maybe his head isn’t on completely straight), Jenner is just so thrilled with Kim and Kanye’s relationship that she’s using her ‘influence‘ to get him a gig as an ‘Idol’ judge.

“Kris knows this would do wonders for Kim and Kayne’s new reality show and bring in the biggest ratings ever,” said a source to Hollywood Life. “Their reality show would be on a completely different level.” Ratings = money and we all know how much a Kardashian loves her money.

But Jenner isn’t alone in wanting West as a judge on the reality show. ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ producer/creator/Kardashian god Ryan Seacrest, who just so happens to be the host of ‘Idol,’ wants the rapper on the show just as much as Jenner does!

“Kris has been working with Ryan Seacrest behind the scenes to make this happen,” continued the source. “It was actually Ryan’s idea in the first place and he produces all the Kardashian shows for E! So if [Kanye] became a judge on ‘American Idol,’ it would be a win-win for everyone!”



Buzz Bites (8/10/12): Watch Jay-Z And Kanye West’s ‘Watch The Throne’ Documentary


Watch Kanye West and Jay-Z’s documentary from their final days making Watch The Throne.

+ Check out the Watch The Throne documentary filmed while Jay-Z and Kanye West were completing the album. “I was more interested in the smaller moments and the quietness of what they do and why they do it… I was striving to capture the little moments in their process,” says director Robert Lopuski. Beyoncé is also featured. (MTV News)

+ Speaking of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, the couple topped Forbes’ “Highest-Paid Celebrity Couples” list. They climbed up a notch on the list from last year. (Idolator)

Skrillex revealed in an interview that he’s been working with Kanye West. “From what I know, it’s actually going to be the first song on his new album,” said Skrillex, although he didn’t specify if it was for G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer or Kanye’s sixth studio album. (Billboard)

+ Despite threats of violence, Madonna‘s show in St. Petersburg, Russia, still took place. Watch her impassioned speech for gay rights from the show. “The gay community here, and all around the world, have the same rights, to be treated with dignity, with respect, with compassion, with love,” she said after quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. (Billboard)

+ The late Adam Yauch, aka Beastie Boys‘ MCA, included a provision in his will that prohibits his “image or name or any music or any artistic property created by me” to be used in advertisements. (Rolling Stone)

Buzz Bites (8/10/12): Watch Jay-Z And Kanye West’s ‘Watch The Throne’ Documentary


by: Trent Fitzgerald

Kanye West

Kanye West had another one of his infamous outbursts at a concert event recently. While the rap superstar was performing ‘Flashing Lights’ at his show in Atlantic City, N.J., he spazzed out about how the tabloids write false stories about him.

“If you have something to give the world, a lot of times the press is trying to take everything negative,” he told the crowd. “Just look at MediaTakeOut, they so f—in’ full of s—! Show your motherf—in’ face, so I can smack the s— out of you!”

“I am flawed as a human being. I am flawed as a person. As a man, I am flawed. But my music is perfect!” Kanye continued. “This is the best you gonna get ladies and gentlemen in this lifetime, I’m sorry. You could go back to Beethoven and s—, but as far as this lifetime, though, this is all you got.”

As we previously reported, West performed a two-night concert stint at the Revel Hotel in Atlantic City, N.J. During his show, he performed ‘Cold’ and ‘New God Flow’ (with Pusha T). He also professed his love for his boo Kim Kardashian and dedicated his song ‘Hey Mama’ to his late mother, Dr. Donda West.

This isn’t the first time West had a moment of absurdity onstage. Last month, he scolded a fan for throwing a coin onto the stage while he was rocking the mic. “Don’t throw no hard s— up here while we’re performing, seriously,” he yelled at the violator. “You f—ed up for everybody. I was having a perfect show, flawless victory.”

Oh, Kanye.

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Kanye West Serenades Kim Kardashian in Concert (Video)

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian attend the Valentino Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week. (July 5, 2012)

*Kanye West played the first of two sold out shows at Revel Resort in Atlantic City, on Friday night (July 6) and promptly made headlines by serenading his girlfriend Kim Kardashian during the show.

While performing the track “Way Too Cold,” which contains the lyric “I admit I fell in love with Kim,” West focused his attention directly on Kardashian, who was seated in a VIP box.

Kim seemed to appreciate West’s public gesture. According to reports, she smiled proudly throughout the concert, and sang and danced along to his songs.

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Kanye West Serenades Kim Kardashian in Concert 

Kim K and Bey Have Private Friendship Agreement

She is not allowed to blast to the world her business with Bey and Jay’   

*Since Kim Kardashian and her new friend Beyoncé have been hanging tough, not much but a few candid photos from fans have made it to the media.

According to a source, there won’t be much else coming out about their friendship.

Since Kim is a reality star with all her business out on the street and Bey is just the opposite, the two have an agreement to keep thing strictly between them.

“She is not allowed to blast to the world her business with Bey and Jay,” the insider told the New York Daily News. “She’s hung with them a few times already, but she isn’t saying peep about them.”

Besides, Beyoncé is Kim’s idol, so taking tweet pics and all that seems a bit desperate.

Kim K and Bey Have Private Friendship Agreement

Beyonce And Kim Kardashian Hang Out At Kanye West, Jay-Z Show


So, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are friends now? Kim K. and Kanye West successfully dodged questions about their relationship for a few weeks, and when it was finally obviousthat they were dating, the next question was: Will Kim Kardashian become friends with Beyonce? Well, Kim and Bey were spotted hanging out and sharing laughs while they watched the throne in Birmingham, England this weekend.

Ye is currently on tour with Jay-Z for their Watch the Throne European dates, and given their close relationship, it was likely that Kim and Queen Bey would have to mingle but given their, er, different backgrounds, there were doubts about a possible friendship. Now, it seems like we have an answer.

Concertgoers snapped photos of Beyonce and Kim in the crowd, having a good time and cheering on their men. This marks the first time that they’ve been spotted hanging out solo since “Kimye” became a phenomenon, and it doesn’t seem like everyone’s too happy with it. According to Necole Bitchie, the fan who first posted a photo of Kim and Beyonce together was accused of Photoshopping the image (since it didn’t seem like something Bey would do).

Over the past couple of weeks, Paris has been the place to be for Jay + Bey, and Kim + Kanye. Both couples have been spotted out and about in the city, with Kimye pushing an all-white Lambo, while the Carters teamed up for a nightclub duet, and enjoyed some time with Blue Ivy.

Beyonce And Kim Kardashian Hang Out At Kanye West, Jay-Z Show

Kanye West’s ‘Cruel Summer’ May Arrive During Actual Summer

Kanye West in a summery blouse at Coachella last year / Photo by Erik Voake

by Devon Maloney

G.O.O.D. Music comp due in August, according to Pusha T

It wouldn’t be totally out of character for Kanye West to make fans suffer through the majority of the summer before dropping his G.O.O.D. music compilation Cruel Summer as some sort of demonstrative performance art, but it also wouldn’t be surprising if he waited until the dead of winter to do the same thing, so pardon us if we (like Vulture) remain skeptical of Pusha T’s announcement on Hot 97 yesterday that it would drop August 7 (via HipHopDX).

Things we know for sure:

While you don’t hold your breath, we recommend checking out all the rejected 35th birthday stories SPIN offered up to Yeezy earlier this month.

Kanye West’s ‘Cruel Summer’ May Arrive During Actual Summer

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